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Nicolaas Hendricus SERTIJN

Document (contract) between Nicolaas Hendricus Sertyn and Maria Louisa Aspeling. Similar to the one between Erik Gustavus and Hillegonda Kotze. Multiple pages and in Dutch Difficult to read.
He was a Burger.

Maria Louisa ASPELING

Maria Louisa Aspeling's first marriage to Antonie de Heus, a lietenant in the Navy, from Amsterdam in 1790 ended in divorce and she then married Nicolaas H. Sertijn in 1797 who was from Amsterdam and a Lietenant in the navy.
Maria Louise Aspeling, baptised Cape of Good Hope 9 April 1775, died after March 1807, married first at Cape of Good Hope 3 Oct. 1790 to Anthonie de Heus, of Amsterdam, lieutenant at sea, who made a will at Cape of Good Hope in 1787 (alone) and with his wife in 1790, second marriage at Cape of Good Hope 9 Feb. 1797 to Nicolaas Hendricus Sertijn, baptised Cape of Good Hope 3 May 1772, died after March 1807, son of Nicolaas Sertijn and Magdalena Cornelia Vreeden­burg (he first married Margaretha Catharina Smit).

Marriage Notes for Nicolaas Hendricus Sertijn and Maria Louisa ASPELING-7

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Dirk Jacobus ASPELING

Sources: Master of Supreme Court CT Liq didr A/C s Ref 15
"Cape Town Directory"
a.  Listed "D. Aspeling , 29, St George's Street, Cape Town.
It cannot be established if this is the address for Dirk Jacobus as it could be the address for another Dirk Jacobus
b.  "D.J. Aspeling (Possibly Junior, the printing is very blurred) is listed as the contractor for the post between Cape Town and Simon's Town, taking three hours to make the delivery and the journey."
"Pound Master and Notary of Cape Town."
In 1839 address listed as Constitution Hill. Office address listed as One, Wale Street.
In 1845 address listed 15, Sir Lowery Street. Office address 12, Plein Street.
Residence listed as 34, Church Street along with first cousin Erik Dirk Hendrik Gustaaf Aspeling.
Ward Master of Ward 47 with John Cannon.
Still listed as a Notary Public in 1849 and had forage store at 15, Long Street.
Address listed as 17, Sir Lowery Street.
Career: Notary Public


BIOGRAPHY: Active bowler, Chairman, founded bowling clubs. He held various positions in the United Free Church

Mary Greenfield MORRISON

Gillian remembers the letter arriving in Uitenhage announce her death. My Dad was very sad  -- we were at the table when he read it.---My Mom put her arms around him. I was not sure how to react and my Dad said "You don't have to be sad, she was a good women and lived a good  life"

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BIOGRAPHY: He was a marine surveyor and contracted Typhoid while at sea. He was put to shore to die at Tiree (In a hospital? It's an island of the West coast)
His widow did not receive a pension to which she should have been entitled and at one time she ran a small home school The children - there were eight all had to go to work young though their mother a very dedicated teacher and made them all love learning. Mary worked as a nursemaid (?) before her marriage.