's Mission and Purpose

This web site is an attempt to document the Aspeling families in South Africa. It must be emphasized that it is by no means complete. As the site grows more data and additional Aspeling families will be included. When researching the Aspeling family many other families, not having Aspeling as a surname were also documented as I included the female lines and spouses' families when data was available. Many of these other families are extensive and may be of interest to researchers. In further editions I will attempt to include some of these major families in the web site. Until then please feel free to ask me "Do you have any ............ in your data base of close to 6,000." I could then share this information with you.

It must also be emphasized there are errors and omissions in the data. I have to rely in good faith on the accuracy of the data received from many contributors that have help me over the last ten years. (For more disclaimers click on Copyright@2000)

I must also apologize for the poor quality of the citations and the references. They are being worked on and will improve as I review the data.

Mistakes are unfortunately unavoidable, and I ask readers to bring to my attention any errors or omissions I have made.

As we all know the only way to validate data is by examining official documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, etc. on each individual and not rely on hearsay. This is a long and tedious project and may not be completed in my lifetime. But I hope this rough data will save someone a lot of discovery time and allow them to focus on the details.

I wish to express my appreciation in particular to my sister, Mrs. Molly Buchanan, who has over the years (and continues to) devote so much of her time in helping me research this project. Without her dedication to detail and attention to detail, the project would not be so far advanced. She has been a valuable research assistant and a great source of family information.

At the risk of offending someone by omission, I express thanks to the following people who have made, and continue to make, significant contributions to this unfinished project.

Aspeling, Anne Christine; Andrew (Andy) Anthony Robert; Christina; Cornelius John; David; Dinah; Frank Richard; Griet; Gustavus Dirk; Haggar James; Ivan; Jacobus Martinus, John Lavers; John Rex; Joyce; Linsey-Ann; May; Noel Colin; Shelia; Trvor; Valerie; Wesley Trevor Bennewith Geoffrey; Neville Brown Anthony;Sidney;Sylvia Buchanan Kenneth;Graham Castle June Bennewith de Klerk Lenneard Endemann Leon Eshmade Liz Fockema Jennifer Forster Beverley Groesbeek Isabel Harradine Margaret Hill Anne; Steven Humphrey John Matthew Colin McGillivray Gaynor; John; Robert James Mills Thomas Nelson Beverley Reynecke Ilma Rivers John Charles Sansom Cecilia Sharp Jason Shone Dudley; Heather Stainer Pearl Stratford Colonel Dennnis Todd Thora Turner Malcolm Van Hemert Marena Weston Helen Wilson Fiona Wood Florence;Virginia Tim York, Debbie; Rosa

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